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Your international tax advisors. Everywhere.

At Taxbordr, we make international taxes simple so you can go global with confidence. Our tax solutions are tailored for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses expanding across borders. 


Tax solutions tailored for you


Gain clarity around residency, foreign income/assets, and life events through meticulous expat tax planning and preparation services.

Small businesses

Access comprehensive corporate tax advisory - entity structuring, transfer pricing, audit support, and centralized compliance management.


Leverage tax-optimized international setups, expansion guidance, and custom strategies facilitated by cross-border tax specialists.

Unlock cross-border tax potential 

  • Personal tax planning
  • Compliance for globally mobile individuals
  • Corporate tax consultation for multinational entities and structures
  • Strategic tax guidance for entrepreneurs capitalising on international markets
  • Representation and issue resolution across key jurisdictions worldwide

Create value with tax planning

Local tax immersion

Drawing from years embedded in tax regimes like Portugal's NHR program, our specialists combine technical mastery with practical in-country experience.


Proactive tax optimization

We go beyond compliance, developing forward-thinking strategies to maximize tax-efficiency and facilitate your international growth plans.

Unified international tax 

Our end-to-end advisory anticipates your needs and simplifies multi-jurisdictional tax management so you can forge ahead seamlessly.

Experience the power of our forward-thinking approach to international taxation

International tax knowledge.  Local expertise. 


A reference in Portugal tax scene 

As a business founded in Portugal, we have an unmatched understanding of the country's tax system. Our team of certified tax advisors deeply grasps the intricacies of Portuguese tax law, enabling us to create tailored solutions that optimize your tax position here.

  • Hands-on Expertise in Navigating the NHR and Tackling Complex Tax Scenarios
  • Year-long tax strategy and support, including rigorously elaborated and reviewed tax returns
  • Over 250 clients have tapped into our Portugal local tax expertise in the past two years

  • Effectively navigated and protected our clients through varying stances, leveraging case law and forward-thinking tax research.


Why Taxbordr?

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, you need a tax partner that stays ahead of the curve. At Taxbordr, we combine cutting-edge expertise with localized insights to deliver innovative cross-border tax solutions.


"At Taxbordr, our mission is to remove cross-border tax complexities for individuals and small businesses worldwide. We provide straightforward guidance and customized strategies that enable you to comply globally while optimizing your tax position."

Telmo Ramos, International Tax Advisor
CEO & Founder

Client success stories

“I started working with this
company after another accountant that made a real mess in my taxe declarations, they solved everything and optimized it all. Very happy, recommended them to my friends and there are equally happy about their services.”

“Telmo is very professional and completed the requirements as discussed. Had a great experience.
Will definitley work with him again in the future.”

“They are providing everything needed! Expertise, professionalism, communication and more importantly my peace of mind!”

“Telmo came highly recommended to me, and he has exceeded all my expectations. His dedication to
finding the best solutions for his clients is unwavering, and he is always readily available when you need him.”

“As an expat and business owner in Portugal, navigating the tax system can be quite daunting. However, since I've started using Taxbordr for my accounting needs, things have become a breeze!”

“Telmo broke down all our options in great detail and gave me confidence that he was the right
person for the job. He really knows his stuff well. Great guy to work, highly recommend!”



I'm moving abroad for work - how will this impact my tax situation?

Relocating overseas for a job can certainly make your tax situation more complex. But don't worry, we're here to help you navigate it. We'll work with you to properly establish your tax residency, avoid getting double taxed, take advantage of relevant tax treaties, and optimize your global tax situation for all your different income sources in your new location. With some careful planning, you can make this exciting transition without tax headaches.

I have investments/business interests across multiple countries. How do I remain compliant?

Having international investments and business dealings means needing to stay on top of tax rules in various countries. It can get overwhelming fast. That's where our worldwide tax expertise comes in. We'll help make sure you're meeting all the requirements in each relevant jurisdiction so you stay fully compliant. Plus, we'll identify legal ways to structure things to minimize your overall global tax hit. With us in your corner, you can breathe easier while growing your international portfolio.

As an entrepreneur, what are the ideal tax structures for global expansion?

Launching your business internationally opens up a world of opportunity, but you've got to have a solid tax foundation. We'll dive deep into your unique situation and goals to advise you on the smartest corporate structure, transfer pricing setup, permanent establishment issues, and territorial strategies as you enter new markets. It's all about proactively building a tax-efficient global footprint so you can boldly pursue new ventures abroad.

I'm in Portugal under the NHR regime. How can I maximize the benefits?

Qualifying for Portugal's Non-Habitual Resident regime can offer significant tax advantages. Leverage the expertise of our seasoned team of Portuguese tax experts, who will navigate you through every step to secure your NHR status and maximize your annual benefits from the program. We will then create a unique plan to help you fully leverage the benefits of NHR's tax rates and special features. You will receive expert advice on how to make the most of these advantages and retain more of your foreign and local earnings.

What if I have outstanding tax issues or am undergoing an audit by foreign authorities?

Facing a tax dispute or audit abroad is stressful, especially when serious amounts are on the line. Our expert representation can make all the difference in resolving even the thorniest tax conflicts across borders. We'll build a robust defense, go to bat for you in negotiations with the tax authorities, and fight hard to minimize penalties and reach the best realistically achievable result. You'll be supported by dedicated, experts every step of the way, ensuring the entire process is in capable hands.

How does the process of hiring Taxbordr's services work?

Choosing to work with Taxbordr starts with an in-depth conversation. We'll invest the time to really understand the ins and outs of your cross-border tax situation, priorities, and objectives. Only with that full context can we tailor the right approach.

From there, our global tax specialists will strategize a thorough, start-to-finish action plan laser-focused on your needs. You'll receive clear recommendations designed to put you in the best worldwide tax position.

After collaborating with you to finalize the roadmap, our team will put it into motion, handling every detail and tackling any complexities. Having worked across countless jurisdictions, we know how to navigate each step for you, but we'll be right there providing support whenever you need us.

We'll be 100% transparent on our methods, pricing and timing so you always know what to expect. The goal is to deliver value way past just filing the right forms - it's about showing you new opportunities through smart, proactive global tax planning. With Taxbordr, you'll gain a long-term partner as invested in your international success as you are.

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